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Electric Vehicle Charge Point Installer

C&G 2919-01


Why Up-skill?

Let’s just get this one answered straight away. As a qualified electrican you probably know and understand the process of installing an Electric Vehicle Charge Point, BUT, having the C&G 2919 qualification will afford you some significant benefits. Because the UK government are keen for consumers to switch to electric vehicles, they are incentivising in many areas, the main, for electricians is the ability to apply for a grant of up to £500* per installed charge point. To do this, you will need to be on the OLEV register, to do that, you need the C&G 2919-01.

*Up to two installs per property


Electric Vehicle sales are on the rise, consequently so is the demand for at home charge points.



Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV) were registered between January & March 2019


Compared to Q1 2019 ULEV sales increased by 18% over petrol and diesel vehicles.


Of all Ultra Low Emission Vehicles sold in Q1 2019 43% were eligible for government grants.


Approximate value of grants available based on eligable vehicles sold in Q1 2019.


All information taken from the Office of Low Emission Vehicles, July 2019.


Choose between our standard Electric Vehicle Charge Point Installer Course, our our Enhanced RolecEV course.


With our Enhanced EV Charge Point Installer Course, not only we will take care of your OLEV registration paperwork, we will also submit you application for RolecEV approval. Our enhanced course also comes with the RolecEV Charge Check worth over £400, an essential piece of equipment needed to work with RolecEV.



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