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Domestic Electrical & EV Installer

Use your ELCAS credits!

We are an ELCAS approved training provider, you can use your ELCAS (Enhanced Learning Credits) with Universal Skills Group to fund your training and kick-start your new career. We understand that adapting to ‘civvy street’ can be challenging, that’s why we provide support and guidance throughout your training. We’ll give you all the tools you need to have a successful career in the industry you choose, fill out the form below to speak to a member of our team.

Your ELCAS credits are applicable to the level 3 modules on our Domestic Electrical & EV Installer course, substantially reduces the cost to you, read more about the course below.

Domestic Electrical & EV Installer

25 Day Modular Course

Universal Skills Group offers a 25 day Domestic Electrical and EV Installer course giving you the skills and knowledge to install and maintain electrical systems in domestic properties and install EV charging points. After completing our 25 day course, you will be qualified to enter employment or even work self employed.

As we move into using more sustainable energy sources, the electrical systems in our homes are going to need some upgrades, electric vehicle sales are rapidly growing, smart homes are becoming more useful. The electrical industry is an exciting place to be and is growing rapidly.


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