Appeals and Complaints Procedure

Last Updated:
September 30, 2022

Universal Skills Centre Ltd is committed to upholding the principles of fairness and transparency within its assessment process. However, we acknowledge that occasionally, learners may have reason to question or express an opinion to Universal Skills Centre about its decision, or the way in which their assessment has been handled. As such, Universal Skills Centre aims to operate a fair and transparent Appeals and Complaints procedure which:

·      encourages informal resolution

·      does not disadvantage learners

This document outlines the process that should be followed by learners, tutors, assessors, partners or employers who are involved with training and/or qualifications offered by Universal Skills Centre Ltd.

All appeals and complaints should be made in writing to Universal Skills Centre Ltd, 41-43 Monkton Road Industrial Estate, Denby Dale Road, Wakefield WF27AL or contact USC Management on:

Contact email:

Phone: 03333232723

Universal Skills Centre Ltd will also give the opportunity for appeals or complaints to be made in person if required.

The appeals process is not a method of circumventing or setting aside the professional judgement of assessors on the performance of candidates, it is away of ensuring that as far as possible all relevant circumstances affecting a student’s performance are brought too light and taken into account BEFORE a final decision is taken. Consequently, if an appeal is successful, the decision reached will normally be in accordance with the regulations set out by the awarding organisations.

Candidates could complain to the Centre about the following areas:

·      Information, Advice and Guidance provided by Universal Skills Centre Ltd

·      Access to assessment

·      Process of assessment and assessment outcomes

·      Access to internal verification

·      The handling of an appeal

·      Administrative issues, e.g. failure to register/apply for certification.

Assessors/tutors could complain to the Centre about the following areas:

·      Access to support and guidance

·      Access to internal verification

·      Administrative issues

·      Insufficient time to undertake the function.

Employers could complain to the Centre about the following areas:

·      Information, Advice and Guidance provided by Universal Skills Centre Ltd

·      Access to assessment

·      Administrative issues

·      Assessment issues

USC will attempt to find a solution with the candidate, assessor/tutor and internal verifier, for example through another assessment or re-consideration of the evidence/work

Where this does not resolve the situation, USC will:

·      Set a date for the appeal/complaint to be considered by an appeals panel

·      Notify the EQA that an appeal/complaint has been logged and give details of how it will be heard, including the composition ofthe appeals panel

The appeals panel will meet to consider the appeal within 20 working days of USC receiving the appeal.

·       The appeals panel will be constituted so as to be objective and independent

·       No one involved in the original assessment will be on the panel

·       The panel will ensure that it has full accounts from all parties involved in the assessment


Appeals can be made directly to the awarding organisations please see learner handbook located on One File and the shared drive, a hard copy can be requested from the Apprenticeship supervisor.

Awarding organisations that Universal Skills Centre works in partnership with:


City & Guilds



UK Certification


Education and Skills Funding Agency

The process for resolving any queries or complaints regarding apprenticeships, including quality, can also be escalated to the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA). The ESFA are an executive agency, sponsored by the Department for Education (DfE). Before making a complaint to the ESFA, you must exhaust our Appeals and Complaints procedure.


This policy will be reviewed annually.

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