Did You Know About The Emergency 3rd Amendment to BS 7671 Wiring Regulations?

What changes are happening? 

Two new definitions will be added to Part 2 of BS 7671, and a new regulation will be introduced in Chapter 53. These changes are designed to address issues related to selecting and installing protective devices in electrical installation, providing you with clear and reassuring updates. 

The amendment is now in a one-month consultation period starting 8th May 2024. After that, it will become part of the BS7671 regulations immediately.

Unidirectional protective device.

 A protective device in which the power supply is only connected to one defined set of connection terminals and power flow is only in one direction.

Product standards are listed in Appendix 1 for RCCBs, RCBOs, circuit-breakers, and AFDDs require these devices to be marked to indicate if they are unidirectional, e.g. "in" and "out" or "line" and "load" or arrows.

Bidirectional protective device.

A protective device in which a power supply may be connected to either set of connection terminals and power flow may be in either direction.

With the updates, protective devices on all generating sets, such as solar PV battery storage and electric vehicles, can supply power back to the charger.


The selection and erection of equipment for protection, isolation, switching, control, and monitoring shall consider all possible directions of power flow. Where bidirectional power flow is possible, only a device suitable for bidirectional power flow shall be used.

Product standards, as listed in Appendix 1 for RCCBs, RCBOs, circuit-breakers and AFDDS, require these devices to be marked to indicate if they are unidirectional.

What does this mean for future work?

Amendment 3 is being implemented into BS 7671; you must ensure the correct protective devices are selected for the installations being worked on. Electrical Safety First advises always checking with the manufacturer to establish whether the installed devices are bidirectional or unidirectional.

If you require more information on Amendment 3, please don't hesitate to contact us, and one of our dedicated team members will help.

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