November 29, 2022

Flash at Universal Skills.

An Introduction to FLASH!

Flash at Universal Skills.

Meet Flash! Some of you may have seen Flash around the centre, whether this be on our light switches or on our walls - Flash is here to educate us all on the importance of looking after the environment and the steps both businesses and individuals can take to reduce their carbon footprint.

Why a Turtle?

The effects of climate change and its impact on the planet are clear to see when it comes to creatures like Flash.

Population size across the various species have dropped considerably over the last 30 years as a result of erosion to their natural habitats and the rise in temperature on beaches where sea turtles lay their eggs. Several studies have shown that the change in temperature is influencing the gender of offspring during incubation, creating a shortage of males within the population.

Warming oceans have also impacted ocean currents, potentially introducing sea turtles to new predators and harming the coral reefs that some of them need to survive.

We strive to educate about green energy.

The conversation about the importance of green energy and the need to invest in sustainable solutions is one we have with staff, learners and the wider community.

Universal Skills is dedicated to supporting the net zero emissions targets and helping to protect future generations and creatures currently effected by climate change including sea turtles such as Flash!

Flash around the centre.

We introduced Flash into the centre back in 2021 after discussions on how we as a training centre can help contribute towards a greener future.

When you walk around our centre, you will find 'Flash Reminders' or 'Energy Saving Reminders' attached to light switches or placed nearby items that use plenty of electricity - these are here to remind you to turn off lights when you're leaving a room or switch off switches that aren't being used, even things like only filling half the kettle so you're not using too much energy to boil a full kettle when you don't need it! There's so many ways us as individuals can reduce our own carbon footprint as well as our centres carbon footprint.

The sort of reminders you will find around our centre.

Training towards a greener future.

The courses we offer focus on improving understanding around renewable technology and how customers can benefit from switching from traditional fossil fuel use to something more environmentally friendly. We support schemes which make us more energy efficient whilst promoting the use of green energy.

Whether it's our Smart Metering apprenticeship, EV Charge Point Installer, Solar PV, Energy Storage or Air Source Heat Pumps, our courses are geared to up-skill those within the electrotechnical industry helping to build the infrastructure of the future energy sector one learner at a time!

With our Solar, EESS (Energy Storage) and Air Source Heat Pump courses, we are trying to educate installers with future technologies for a greener planet.

The power you get from Solar or Energy storage is all stored energy from the sun. Energy storage can reduce the cost to provide frequency regulation and spinning reserve services, as well as offset the costs to consumers by storing low-cost energy and using it later, during peak periods at higher electricity rates. Solar Power Reduces Carbon Emissions. As it chiefly relies on the sun, the primary way solar energy positively impacts the environment is that it reduces carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. Unlike fossil fuels, solar power uses no pollutants and needs no other resources to function other than clean water.

There are numerous benefits to using heat pumps. With an air source heat pump, you can save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint compared to a gas or electric heating system. One of the key advantages of air source heat pumps is their versatility and affordability. An Air Source Heat Pump can work for either heating or cooling purposes and can be used for space heating or water heating. No fuel storage is needed with air source heat pumps, because the fuel used is the outside air.

All of this is incorporated into the training we provide for each of these services.

For those staff members and customers who own and drive Electric Vehicles, everyone has access to EV charge points that are located outside the centre.


We support charities concerned with a greener future, including the WWF and Marine Conservation Society who work to protect the worlds oceans and beaches from the effects of climate change and pollution and educate people around the current dangers to sea life.

If you've booked on to any of our courses here at Universal Skills, make sure you keep an eye out for Flash around the centre! Remember, everyone is responsible for improving their own Carbon Footprint but we all have a part to play in making sure we contribute towards the planet as a whole, making it sustainable for a renewable and greener future!

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