August 2, 2023

Three Big Benefits of Outsourcing Employee Training

What is an outsourced training provider and why use one? 

Three Big Benefits of Outsourcing Employee Training

Depending on your team and industry, employee training can feel like an epic task. 

Luckily, that’s where outsourcing your employee training comes in. 

From figuring out a curriculum and presenting it, to hiring equipment and training spaces, employee training is a task bigger than many expect. And when it comes to accreditations and certifications, training is definitely not something you want to waste time getting wrong. 

It’s often less stressful and more time- and cost-effective to use an external provider. But what is an outsourced training provider and why use one? 

Well, there’s three big benefits our commercial clients bring up, over and over again. 

But first, what is outsourcing? 

Outsourcing is a contractual collaboration between your own company and a third party. The third party is hired to provide a specific service or a wider category of services that all fall under the scope. 

Many companies choose to outsource specific tasks such as admin, accounting, or graphic design. Others choose to outsource entire departments such as sales, marketing or IT. 

Whatever you choose to outsource, it’s almost always because the return on investment is worth it. 

It either saves time, money, resources - or all three!

Benefit 1: Outsourcing employee training saves money

It may be tempting to train employees using a member of management to run the sessions. But let’s take a look at a common scenario of trying to ‘make do’:

A manager is pulled out of their valuable role for a few days to do a job they wouldn’t ordinarily do, and probably aren’t qualified for. Space and equipment is needed for the training, causing further disruption in the company. As a result, the training course they deliver is haphazard and dull.

Not only has the manager lost productivity in their own important role by preparing and delivering training, the employees being trained haven’t engaged and probably haven’t learnt as much as they could have in the given time.

Whilst this scenario saves on up front costs, there is practically no return on investment. 

Whereas, with a training provider:

  • We have pre-defined course structures that can be tailored to the company, so none of your own internal employees or managers have to stress or prepare.
  • The course runs on time whilst being engaging thanks to our qualified trainers.
  • All equipment and software are provided.
  • Employees can come to our site for training, or we come to you, limiting disruption to the company overall.

So whilst there may be an initial financial commitment to outsourcing your employee training, the long-term savings are why many choose this route. 

Benefit 2: Training providers have all the expertise you want

As we saw in the previous section, running employee training yourself has a few drawbacks. One of them being the expertise required to plan, deliver and assess. 

But for full-time training providers, this is our bread and butter! 

In fact, we’re experts in five really important areas: 

  1. The course topic itself - we’re primed to answer questions that arise during and after sessions.
  2. The planning and delivery of interesting and accurate course material, keeping everyone awake and learning throughout the whole session.
  3. All the software and equipment being used, so no awkward moment waiting for things to work.
  4. Health and safety when it comes to all aspects of training, including practicals.
  5. Understanding the nuances that may apply to your specific company and roles within it, so we’re able to tweak the course structure as needed.

Developing the level of expertise in these five areas, which are essential for successful employee training, is challenging when it’s not your full-time job. 

It’s therefore highly impractical for in-house employees to be expected to deliver training to the standard your company deserves. Leave it to the experts!

Benefit 3: Outsourcing employee training is highly efficient

Thanks to the fact that we do this for a living, outsourcing a training provider for your required employee training is highly efficient. 

But why?

  • All courses have been rigorously tried and tested so they take up the minimum time for maximum results.
  • There’s minimal input from your own company: simply plan the dates, make your requirements clear and make sure the employees attend. 
  • For courses that require assessments as part of them, it’s usually done at the end of the training as an ‘all in one’ solution. This means minimal time out of office for trainees.

All of these factors combined mean an efficient booking process, training process and wrap-up process. 

And there’s nothing better than getting the best results with the least amount of effort!

Outsource training for renewable technologies, gas and electrical engineers 

If you’re in the energy sector and looking to partner with a training provider, explore the Universal Skills Group courses. 

We offer an expert, efficient, professional solution to training, assessing, and refreshing your team in:

  • Renewables: Solar PV, Battery Storage and Air Source Heat Pump installation 
  • Electrical: 18th Edition Wiring Regulations (Amended), EV Charge Point Installation, Experienced Worker, and Inspection, Testing and Certification, and Electrical Installation in Dwellings. 
  • Gas: ACS Gas Reassessment

Our past and present commercial clients include ICS, Next, Morrisons, OVO Energy and Siemens, to name a few. So you can rest assured that our training programmes have been tried and tested by industry leaders. 

To learn more about how our team can help your company stay on track with employee training, explore our Commercial Training Programmes page and get in touch!

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