We are part of one of the largest and fastest-growing specialist technical engineering recruiters in the UK.

In the ever-evolving field of technical engineering, staying current with the latest skills and knowledge is crucial for learners. One way to gain a competitive edge and maximise career opportunities is by being part of one of the UK's largest and fastest-growing specialist technical engineering recruiters. These recruiters offer learners many benefits, from access to industry-specific insights and networking opportunities to tailored training programs and valuable mentorships. In this article, we will explore why being part of such an organisation is advantageous for learners in technical engineering.

Why Shorterm? 

Shorterm is a service provider of choice for companies requiring technical staff, offering services in construction, engineering, rail, commercial, and industrial environments. 

In 2022, after seeking a business within the energy industry, Shortem acquired Universal Skills Group. 

Our partnership with Shorterm opens up a world of opportunities. As part of a larger entity, we can now leverage our cross-skills and collaborate with other training centres like Merit Skills and Trainspeople. This synergy will not only benefit us but also enhance the capabilities of all training teams within the Shorterm Group.

Who's involved? 

Trains People - Crewe, Clapham & Essex.

TrainsPeople provides technical skills training to the rail and utilities sectors. With years of specialist knowledge, TrainsPeople is committed to offering innovative solutions that meet your business needs and benefit your performance.

Merit Skills - Peterborough 

Merit Skills has many years of experience providing training and development to a wide range of customers in the water and utilities sectors, ranging from multi-million-pound contracts to ad hoc requirements.

Universal Skills Group - Yorkshire & London 

Universal Skills are energy training specialists focused on creating a sustainable future. They offer modern Electrical, Renewables, and SMART training to the energy industry, from sole traders to enterprises.

Why does it benefit you? 

Being part of one of the largest and fastest-growing specialist technical engineering recruiters in the UK offers numerous advantages for learners in the field. From gaining access to a vast industry network and insights into industry-specific requirements to participating in tailored training programs and benefiting from valuable mentorship, learners within these recruiters can enhance their skills, accelerate their career growth, and stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving technical engineering sector. Being part of such an organisation, learners can seize exciting career opportunities and achieve long-term success in their chosen field.

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