June 24, 2022

What is the EUSR SHEA training course?

What is the EUSR SHEA training course?

What is the EUSR SHEA training course?

This article tackles a number of FAQs we frequently receive on the EUSR SHEA courses.  The Core scheme course is partnered with CSCS which allows the holder to access sites without the need to hold a separate CSCS card.

What is EUSR?

EUSR stands for Energy & Utility Skills Register.  By collaborating with employers, stakeholders and regulators, they provide support for up-skilling and training within the industry.

What is the SHEA Scheme?

SHEA or Safety Health and Environmental awareness is a set of schemes designed to provide knowledge & understanding to work safely in operational environments.

The training provides a consistent approach to health, safety and environmental awareness.

Who is the course for?

The EUSR SHEA card is designed for any utilities workers looking to gain access to operational sites.

What are the SHEA ‘core modules’?

Each scheme consists of the six ‘core’ modules:

-          Understanding our workplace responsibilities

-          Understanding the effects of our work on the environment

-          Identifying and controlling risks

-          Common hazards in the workplace

-          Occupational health hazards

-          Responding to emergencies

What are the different types of SHEA scheme?

There are seven schemes in total, which are tailored to specific industries. They each comprise of the sic ‘core’ modules plus additional industry  specific content.

-          Shea Gas -  Highway Working and Excavations, Pressure Regulating Installations, Safety in Premises

-          Shea Power - Power Industry Hazards

-          SHEA Waste & Resource management and SHEA Switch – Waste Collection and transfer

-          SHEA Cross-Country Pipelines (CCP) - The Cross-Country Environment, Cross-Country Pipeline Hazards, Traffic Management

-          SHEA Telecommunications -  Highway Working and Excavations

-          SHEA Water – Sewerage Network and Process Operations, Highway Working and Excavations

-          SHEA Drains and Sewers – Highway Working and Excavations, Drains and Sewers

How long is the card valid for?

On completion the card is valid for 3 – 5 years dependent on the scheme.

Where can I attend the course?

Universal Skills Group offer the SHEA Gas and Power courses completely remote. You will receive a link to the course 24 hours prior to the course start date and the session will take place on Zoom.

If you have any more questions regarding the SHEA card, please get in touch with us using this link.

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